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IGY6 or "I Got Your Six"  is a ubiquitous term in the military to tell a fellow war fighter, "I am watching your back." Hearing that phrase in the middle of a tumultuous situation gives military members, first responders, and government contractors a sense of comfort knowing that they are not in the fight alone. 

Unfortunately, the fight is not always left on the battle field. Our nation's heroes often have to overcome daily struggles: from physical injuries to mental disorders to just needing someone to relate to. 

The void that is left in our lives when we complete our service, is the void that The IGY6 Foundation is trying to fill. We will create a community of veterans, first responders, and government contractors, that can come together and have each others "six" because no American that has served this country should continue the fight at home alone. 

The IGY6; Foundation


What is the IGY6?

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The IGY6; Foundation also known as The I Got Your 6 Foundation, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The sole purpose of the IGY6; Foundation is to create unity and a supportive community amongst veterans, active military members, current and former law enforcement officers, firefighters, workers on the frontline in the medical field, and government contractors. By organizing events in which these groups can feel welcome, the IGY6 can create a social environment that emulates the brotherhood and sisterhood of the aforementioned communities. 



Q: Who can join The IGY6; organization?
A: The IGY6; is open to veterans, active military, first responders. If you wore a uniform to serve your community or nation your are welcome to join our organization.

Q: Do I have to be a member in order to attend The IGY6; events?
A: Yes, you have to be a member in order to attend IGY6; events. A members immediate family are invited and encouraged to attend our after parties and fellowship following an excursion. However, we offer plenty of events and raffles that are open to the public supporters. There are many perks to being a member including free entries to IGY6; run events.

Q: Why the new membership fees?
A: Like many businesses, COVID has created new obstacles and made us have to think outside of the box. With traditional fundraising no longer being a viable option, and volunteers being hard to come by, having membership fees has given us the freedom to offer fun and exciting events while reaching more American heroes than ever before.   

Q: What kind of events can we expect with our membership?
A: Most of us join the military, become first responders, or government contractors because we are thrill-seekers, and extroverted. The IGY6; understands our community and will create events that are tailored to our adventurous personalities. We want to organize events that fill that void and build a society around those common interests. Check our events page for to see what we have planned.

Q: How will these adventurous excursions help our veterans needs?
A: The IGY6; believes that there is a missing link for veterans when they leave the military, which can amplify their PTS and TBI, adding to their depression and anxiety. By creating exhilarating events we can bring together like-minded individuals while adding an element of excitement to simulate the highly intensified military experience.   

Q: What is with the semicolon after IGY6;?
A: The semicolon in a sentence is a pause in which the sentence could have ended but instead it continues on. Our semicolon in IGY6; represents the pause that occurs in many veterans' lives when they contemplate suicide; but instead they carry on. The IGY6; wants to represent that continuation in which a life was spared because our community was there to show support, strength, and solidarity. 
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I Got Your 6