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The IGY6; Adventure Therapy Program for our Veterans & First Responders

The IGY6; Foundation Adventure Therapy program helps our veterans and first responders explore the positive impacts of therapeutic adventures.

Our adventure weekends are curated to be fun and exciting, yet offer a therapeutic, uplifting experience. 


The IGY6; is open to veterans, current and former law enforcement officers, firefighters, and workers on the frontline in the medical field. If you wore an uniform to serve your community or nation your are welcome to participate on our adventures!


Adrenaline | Wilderness | Relaxation | Experimental

The IGY6; Foundation Adventure Therapy Program is officially endorsed by Dr. Janell Royster FL#MH19617

  • Teaching necessary skills to overcome the effects of PTSD, Anxiety, & Depression.

  • Uplifting our members to live more empowered lives.

  • Using exciting adventures to heal the minds of our of warfighters.

  • Be part of this growing supportive community.


Past IGY6; Events

Check out some of our past therapeutic adventures . 

Donating to The IGY6; Foundation helps us create more exciting events so our heroes can continue to heal their minds and empower their lives. 

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