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The I Got Your 6 (IGY6;), Foundation is asking for your support in furthering our mission. Your business partnership and/or individual contribution to our 501c3 plays an important role in ensuring that we can continue making a meaningful impact within our veteran and first responder communities. Our Adventure Therapy Programs are fully endorsed by Dr. Janell Royster (FL license# MH19617), and provides our members with the tools needed to empower their lives. Many of our veterans and first responders are struggling with service related anxiety, depression and alienation from friends and family. Our therapeutic adventures give our members a chance to relax their minds, build camaraderie, and explore a deeper connection with oneself. These events are curated to leave our heroes with a sense of empowerment and a desire to seek more from life. The IGY6; Foundation would like to thank you in advance for trusting us in caring for our nations heroes. We take great pride in this responsibility, and we are dedicated to The IGY6; Foundation mission.

Shark Swim Event

Each member attending our therapeutic events is provided with:

  • A travel agent to assist with their travel plans

  • Retreat house accommodations/lodging

  • Trauma Recovery Intervention Protocol (TRIP)

  • All meals

  • A Family Feast (family dinner after event)

  • and More...

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I Got Your 6
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