IGY6; Skydive 18,000 FT

Updated: Mar 19

The IGY6; Foundation took six veterans skydiving from the max allowable height without oxygen to participate in this high intensity, adrenaline filled therapeutic event. We climbed to 18,000 ft before opening the cabin door to let the cold crisp air fill the airplane. With barely enough time to look down, your mind immediately is filled with doubt and fear. But before you have a chance to second-guess your decision, your on your way back to the Earth at 120mph. Freefalling for close to 90 seconds gives your mind enough time to disassemble itself and reassemble itself.

We have all heard the expression, "Life flashed before my very eyes." This statement can also be made true of an 18,000 foot skydive, however, there is nothing "flashy" about 90 a second freefall. From the moment the parachute deployed, our veterans had a 5 minute decent under a full canopy to get their bearings back and reflect on the last 90 seconds of extreme adrenaline rush. The birds eye view of the world beneath leaves the rest of the time off the ground feel like dream. By the time our veterans touched the ground, the therapeutic healing had already begun.

IGY6; Retreat House

The IGY6; Foundation ensures than any member traveling to an event is provided with lodging and an opportunity to grow a closer bond with fellow veterans of The IGY6; Foundation. Each IGY6; Retreat House is similar to our events, unique and purposeful.

This beautiful lake front property had our members feeling like they can completely let go and relax. Nestled off the beaten path down a winding private driveway is this perfect community of cabins in this perfectly maintained property. We can't wait to have another event at this same location.

To book this location for your own personal travels, please contact our partners at Pine to Palm Travel Agency. www.pinetopalmtravel.com

Skydiving Event

We took our veterans to the highest allowable height without needing an oxygen mask. This event was pure adrenaline fueled by fear and doubt. However, every veteran took the leap of faith out the plane leaving their fears at the door, and the growth that transpired was absolutely awe-inspiring. Our veterans embraced each other on the ground with a new outlook on life, this was the healing we were looking for. Mission Accomplished!

IGY6; Family Feast

Our family feast is designed to give our veterans and their families a chance to connect and break bread. We want our family feasts to act as a reunion for our brothers and sisters to reflect on that days events and eat some local cuisine.

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