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The IGY6; Foundation Membership

The IGY6; Foundation has a supportive member community that believes in the therapeutic healing properties that can be experienced through our epic adventures.

Your IGY6; Membership includes:

The IGY6; Foundation believes that our families are a major part of our members healing and growth process.

  • Each event is capped off with this special gathering event that is friendly for all ages.

  • Every family feast is for everyone* to enjoy and celebrate the completion of the therapeutic adventure event.

  • The IGY6; Family Feast is an alcohol/drug-free event with a primary focus on family inclusion.  

Membership Form

To become a member of our community, please complete the form below. 

Step 1:
Basic Information

Step 2:
Membership Qualification

Choose the option that applies to you

Step 3:
Bettering Our Outreach

I heard about The IGY6; Foundation from:
How likely are you to try something out of your comfort zone?
I am most interested in trying: Select all that apply
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