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To become an Ambassador of The IGY6; Foundation please complete the form below, accept and sign our Ambassador Program Terms:

The IGY6; Foundation Ambassador Program Terms


This is a group to Support our Veterans and First Responders. As part of our IGY6 Team you will be an integral part of our mission and as such you are encouraged to further the cause with posts of awareness and support.


As an Ambassador you are a representative of the foundation and any negative behavior or posts of personal issues is not acceptable. In addition, the following topics are not to be posted:


    a. Personal and/or Marital status conflicts.

    b. Political views or commentary (The IGY6; Foundation is not political.           We are Americans who are supporting and helping our Veterans and         First Responders and politics need not ever be involved)

    c. Religious preferences (This does not mean you are not permitted to          display your faith, but you are not permitted to endorse any religious          doctrine over another.)

    d. Any derogatory remarks based on race, color, gender, gender                     identity, sexual orientation, national origin or ancestry, age, or                     physical/mental disabilities.


The IGY6; Foundation does not discriminate based on age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, religion, or veteran/active military/first responder status and we expect the same from our Ambassadors. Everyone will be treated with respect and dignity. Any violation of the above terms will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination as an Ambassador.


As an active Ambassadors you can help make connections and to make others aware that the struggles with PTS(D) and TBI are real. Ambassadors all over the world are teaching communities, families, veterans and first responders to reach out, to ask for help, to be there for one another. You can also help us by spreading the message on social media, in person and at events.


If you are representing The IGY6; Foundation at any event or function, the consumption of alcohol is not permitted while on duty. Violation is cause for termination from the Ambassador program.


Be proud of representing us! Once accepted as an Ambassador please add the following on your social media profile:


    a. Instagram: Ambassador of @the_igy6_foundation

    b. Facebook: Ambassador of @theigy6foundation

    c. LinkedIn: Ambassador of The IGY6; Foundation


We will provide you with any printed material such as flyers, business cards, merchandise, etc (if needed). NO OUTSIDE PRINTING IS ALLOWED WITHOUT PERMISSION.


We want to thank you for wishing to be part of our organization and we hope together we can make a difference in the lives of our Veterans and First Responders!




No information collected will be shared with anyone outside our organization.

Do you agree to uphold these terms as an Ambassador of The IGY6; Foundation?





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