The IGY6; Adventure Therapy Program for our Active Military, Veterans & Emergency Responders

The IGY6; Foundation Adventure Therapy program helps our active military, veterans, and emergency responders explore the positive impacts of outdoor excursions.

Our adventure weekends are curated to be fun and exciting, yet offer a therapeutically uplifting experience. 


Upon becoming a member of The IGY6; Foundation, you will be automatically enrolled into adventure therapy program.

Based on the answers from your prerequisite form, you will be placed into one of the four adventure therapy categories seen below.


Adrenaline | Wilderness | Relaxation | Experimental

Adrenaline Therapy
Adrenaline Therapy

We want to recreate the same heightened sensory levels often seen during military operations, but without the association of negative emotion. We guide our members so they receive a therapeutically exhilarating experience.

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Wilderness Therapy
Wilderness Therapy

These adventures are in nature and may involve camping. Great for camaraderie-building-exercises and getting a break from screen time and refreshing your mind.

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Relaxation Therapy
Relaxation Therapy

Examples of this category: Salt Cave(Halotherapy) | Meditation | Yoga | Decompression Protocol

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Experimental Therapy
Experimental Therapy

This category takes modern technologies and research to help our members over the adverse effects of anxiety and depression.

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The IGY6; Foundation Adventure Therapy Program is officially endorsed by Dr. Janell Royster FL#MH19617


The IGY6; Foundation Membership 

Our community of active military, veterans, emergency responders and their families are coming together to build camaraderie and to seek more out of their everyday lives.

Once you have become a member of this amazing group of men and women, you will be automatically enrolled into our IGY6; Adventure Therapy program.

The answers on your pre-requisite form will determine your placement in our Adventure Therapy category. You will be asked to join our events in the order in which you joined The IGY6; Foundation.

  • Teaching necessary skills to overcome the effects of PTS, Depression, & Anxiety.

  • Uplifting our members to live more empowered lives.

  • Using exciting outdoor expeditions to heal the minds of our of warfighters.

  • Be part of this growing supportive community.

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 IGY6; Membership

To join our group that is exploring the positive impacts of adventure therapy...


Past IGY6; Events

Check out some of our past therapeutic adventures . 

The IGY6; Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 in which provides Adventure Therapy Programs for our active military, veterans, and emergency responder communities. Donating to The IGY6; Foundation helps us create more exciting events so our heroes can continue to heal their minds and empower their lives. 

Thank you to our partners/sponsors for helping us change our heroes lives one adventure at a time.

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