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Our Story....

We have four founding members of The IGY6; Foundation. All of us are Combat Veterans and one of our members currently works as a 911 Dispatcher. We have all been affected greatly by suicide since returning home from combat. Some of us have attempted, some of us have had thoughts, and all of us have lost someone close to us due to suicide. Every time we would lose on our friends and battle buddies we would say to each other, "I wish there was something I could have done, I wish I would have known." After losing one of our very close friends we decided enough was enough, we HAD to do something. 

Our mission is to help "fight the fight at home". We need to be there for each other. We need to reach out and check on our strong friends. We need to continue that family. We need to share our stories and experiences to let each other know we are not alone, in combat and at home. 

First Responders and Veterans suicide rates are rising to an all time high. Female suicide rates in these fields are also rising exponentially. We need to do something to help protect those that protect us. Our foundation will host and attend events to foster a community where Veterans and First Responders can come to get help in times of personal crisis, feel safe, feel cared for, and find a secondary purpose. We will provide Veterans and First Responders with resources available to them to receive treatment and any assistance they need. We will strive to work with other Veterans and First Responder organizations to build a strong and supportive community to get these men and women the help they deserve. We will also be here to provide assistance and support for families that have experienced loss due to Veteran and First Responder suicide. We are stronger together! 

The Spartan Pledge

I will not take my own life, by my own hand, without speaking to my battle buddy first!

My mission is to find a mission to help my warfighter family.

In loving memory of our battle buddies! Till Vahalla.